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Gear Review

Working in a industry, that has such fast changing standards and updates on equipment, I wanted to go through and discuss the pieces of tech that I use and share what my experience has been

For anyone who may be an amateur, I want to point out a great beginners camera. I highly recommend any Canon T(something)I Rebel camera. I started with a Canon t3i rebel, and it was a fantastic beginners camera that still could withhold the quality of a full-frame camera. I know of established and published photographers that use Canon T3i's over full-frames, and create beautiful imagery

After a good three years with the camera, I upgraded to the body I have now, the Canon 5D Mark III, which was and still is my dream camera. It is definitely my prized possession, and has fantastic technology within in. The autofocus points are through the roof on this thing, and is capable of capturing some fantastic detail. This camera is now 12 years old (manufactured in 2008), and even buying my body used, it has never done me wrong.

I shoot primarily with a 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens, but am feeling rather over it the last while. It has the potential to be a great lens, but does not even hold a candle near the Canon version of this lens. The sigma version is half the price of Canon's, but I often find it loosing detail for no reason, and is very finicky. Its a nice piece of glass for every day shooting and lifestyle work, but is a very over-used lens.

My next piece of gear I want to talk about, is my brand new baby, the Contax T2. This fantastic point-and-shoot camera, is my upgrade from the Olympus Mju II, which left me a little high and dry when I needed it the most. The Contax T2 was manufactured in the 90's and stopped being produced early into the 00's. It was the top of the line P&S in the day, and in the last two or three years, has made a major comeback in the market. It is known for its Ziess class (extremely wonderful and sharp), and all the great tech put into its small titanium body. It has both auto and manual focus, and a variety of settings and a powerful flash. In my short experience with it so far, it has been nothing short but great, really supplying me with that authentic analog look, but with a digital quality. I would recommend it a million times over, but be aware when buying one, the parts have been discontinued... so if something is wrong with it, there is no hope in fixing it.

I'll attach below images I've taken with the Contax T2 so far!

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